You have an idea for your home’s interior zone,
but you are not sure how to start?

Perhaps you are wondering how to arrange it functionally…
You are expecting changes, reorganization of space, a fresh idea...

Perhaps you need support with a comprehensive project...
Feel free to contact me.
Projektant wnętrz Aleksandra Wydra

Novastrefa is a consequence of many years of experience in the furniture industry and interior design, it is also a mix of education and a passion that the interior design and furniture is.

Thanks to my experience in furniture industry and cooperation with carpenters, I am sure that my every project will be well reflected at the final stage.

The individual approach to the expectations and preferences of the client are important to me.

The key thing is not only to manage the space, but also the comfort of being in it. In projects I put on simplicity, minimalism, originality, but also aesthetics. I like to mix styles, combine the old with the new materials, show what is valuable.


I cooperate with a carpentry workshop. We are accomplishing comprehensive investments together. Attention to the smallest detail is extremely important.


Trying to meet customer expectations and the need for a comprehensive approach to the subject, we can recommend a renovation company that will perform your repairs according to our design.

Stages of cooperation



At the first meeting I need to hear your expectations, needs and preferences. This is a very important moment, because basing on the discussion results I can easily set up my work agenda.


At the second meeting, I will present the preliminary concept in the form of projections from above.

This way we will see a general concept of the whole project. During meeting I will also have a color or material combination in the form of samplers, templates, catalogs, etc. At this stage decisions should be made about the most important aspects of our project.


At the next meeting I will present visualizations in the form of one or two concepts, depending on the arrangements. After this stage, I will make comprehensive visualizations and arrangement drawings, wall views with the location of elements, information and dimensions, as well as a list of materials.

After this part, the cooperation may end, but it does not have to …


However, you may want to choose the extra work to be done:


Technical drawings of furniture for carpenters as well as significant details of the interior for the renovation company – this is extremely important at the moment when you care about a precisely finished interior.


Electrical and water installation drawings, detailed drawings of floors and ceilings


Author’s supervision over the investment – I can recommend a reliable carpentry or renovation company and have an impact on the implementation, I can supervise the work and check everything goes our way, also when you have your own contractors.


It is You who decide about the scope of design work. Each project is priced individually depending on the amount of work – a detailed description in the Stages tab. We can make a basic conceptual design including visualizations, wall views with dimensions, material list. We can also extend the work with additional elements that are described in detail in Step 2

It is possible to estimate the project on the basis of architectural casts sent by e-mail or at F2F meeting.
After determining the scope of work, a contract is signed covering all the provisions, which usually takes place at the first meetings.


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Aleksandra Wydra


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